Welcome Dr. Prafull. S. Thakare from MSS's College of Engineering and Technolgy, India to be committee member!

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Dr. Prafull. S. Thakare, MSS's College of Engineering and Technolgy, India

Research Area: 

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

Optimization of Manufacturing Processes

Design of Experimentation (RSM and Taguchi Methods)

Finite Element Analysis

Research Experience:

Work Experience

Total experience of 10 Years in Teaching/Research

Currently working as Assistant Professor (Dean, Research & Innovation) at MSS College of Engineering & Technology, Jalna


● Prafull. S. Thakare et al, “Experimental Investigation of Three-Roller Bending Operation for Multi-Pass Cylindrical Forming of Plates”, Materials Today: Proceeding, Elsevier Publication, Volume 18P7, pp 2779-2786, 2019.

● Prafull. S. Thakare et al, “Development of Mathematical Model for Top Roller Displacement of Three-Roller Bending Machine Using Dimensional Analysis”, Springer  Nature Pvt. Ltd Singapore, 2019, pp 125-132

● P. S. Thakare, et al, “Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Process Parameters for Tensile Strength and Nugget Diameter in Resistance Spot Welding of HR E-34 Steel Sheet Joint”, Springer  Nature Pvt. Ltd Singapore, 2019, pp 003-013

● Prafull. S. Thakare et al, “A Generalized Approach for Sensitivity Analysis of Four Bar Mechanism and Identifying Sensitive Link/s Tolerances Using Relative Velocity Method”, International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2011, PP 90-92.

● Prafull. S. Thakare et al, “Controlling Performance Variation of Planar Mechanisms by Providing Scheme of Tolerance, Using Relative Velocity Method: An Approach”, International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (ISSN: 2248-9622), January 2012, pp 074-076.