Welcome Dr. Vibha Bhatia from Punjab Engineering College, India to be committee member!

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Dr. Vibha Bhatia, Punjab Engineering College, India

Research Area: 

Ergonomics/Human Factors, Occupational Health & Safety, Ergonomics in Healthcare, Product Design

Research Experience:

Research Projects

August, 2018 onwards  

Upper body postural analysis in sitting workplace environment using Microsoft KinectV2 sensor

KinectV2 sensor was used to examine the body postural data of 15 participants doing a sitting job. Most of the studies are being done by placing Kinect sensor in front of the body due to occlusions. Efforts were made to assess the human body posture using side view data by placing the Kinect sensor parallel to sagittal plane of human body. Parameters like joint angles were recorded and were analysed.

Questionnaire Preparation and Survey Analysis

Customized and standard Nordic questionnaire survey of 120 dentists belonging to local area to check the prevalence and responsible factors for occurrence of MSDs.

Ergonomic Evaluation of Dental postures using upper extremity techniques like Assessment of Repetitive Tasks, Hand Arm Risk Assessment, Threshold Limit Value for Hand Activity Level and Strain Index. (Under Progress)

Comparative Analysis of Dental postures using marker-less and imagining techniques. (Under Progress)

January 2016- June 2017

Evaluation of Scaling Tool Handle Design through simulated Dental Scaling Tasks

Scaling tool handles were evaluated through simulated dental scaling tasks. Modified Dental scaling tool handles were designed and 3-D printed. Modifications in the design of scaling tools were done by changing the diameter and cross-sectional shape of the tool handle. Modified dental scaling tools were evaluated by measuring thumb pinch forces using pressure sensors and muscle activity of both extensor and flexor muscles in forearm using EMG.

Ergonomic Evaluation of Toothbrush handle designs using EMG.

Ergonomic toothbrush handle based on hand anthropometry was designed which improved the grip of the handle (user comfort).The comfort rating of the volunteers was related to the normalized handle sizes to find out the optimal handle dimensions. Contact area was measured for both commercially available toothbrush handle and with different fabricated (3-d printed) handle sleeves. Electromyography activity was recorded for muscle fatigue. The plaque index was also obtained before and after two weeks of using customized toothbrush handle.

Ergonomic Interventions for Manual Material Handling Tasks at HUL plant, Baddi, India.

After the extensive field study of the warehouse, ergonomic assessment of the workers was carried out by applying REBA to analyze the awkward working postures. To improve the ergonomic aspects of the warehouse environment significant recommendations were given.

Ergonomic Evaluation of Office Workplaces in CATIA and JACK softwares.

Virtual restoration of tooth involving three steps : 3-d scanning, virtual repair and 3-d printing of tooth