Welcome Research Prof. Jhonatan Fernando Eulopa Hernandez from National Polytechnic Institute, México to be committee member!

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Research Prof. Jhonatan Fernando Eulopa Hernandez, National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), México

Research Area: 

Aerospace sector, nowadays focused on the development of nano satellites and the developing of mobiles satellite tracking systems through parallel robots.

Research Experience:

Work experience and Professional:

Research professor

Aerospace Development Center (CDA), National Polytechnic Institute

(IPN), CDMX, México. 2019

✓ Training of human resources for the aerospace sector

✓ Development of scientific research projects

✓ Imparting course on CubeSat space platforms

✓ Helping the development of CanSat educational satellites as school projects and advising them to participate in the "CanSat Competition" sponsored by NASA and the development of a Rover for the "University Rover Challenge 2019" in the USA.

✓ Teaching of courses about space systems engineering based on a CubeSat mission.

✓ Teaching of courses about simulations of space missions with the Systems Tool Kit (STK) software. Development of a 3-unit cubesat called IPN-SAT 1, for the observation of sargassum on Mexican coasts.

✓  Technological development project in, 2020-2022. Development of a portable satellite communication multimedia system for disaster situations

✓  Research and Technological development project, 2020-2022.